Password Security for the Web 

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We created a form page to show people, how easy to steal passwords on web and you are catched :) What can be done now? WE CREATED THIS PAGE TO SHOW YOU SECURITY TIPS ON WEB.

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I give details about security. Please read them carefully.

Mail account

You must create a really hard password to your mail account. If you can access to your mail account, you can change all passwords of other websites.

Two factor authentication

Two factor authentication is really genius thing. Be sure to add your phone number to your Gmail or Hotmail account. So that, when you forgot your password, it will be easy to recover.


Do not Write your passwords on web

Hackers cant steal your passwords, if you didnt write it anywhere. So that, be sure to not write any password on any website.


Do not Use Same Passwords for different websites

Dont use same passwords for different websites. Do not forget: "what two people know, is not secret"

  1. Use password creators

    Password creator apps generate really hard to guess passwords. You can use them for new websites. I recommend Google Chrome's password generator.

  2. Save passwords on trusted places

    Do not trust every websites. Even Microsoft or Google or Apple can be hacked by hackers. Save your passwords on safe places only.

  3. Reset passwords regularly

    You can reset and change passwords regularly.

Change your written password

Please change your password, if you wrote it on our website.