Super Free Reskin Service

You bought our template on marketplace. Now the other step. 

You must change characters, background, sounds and others.. It is so hard thing..

But dont worry! We are here for the help. Send us your images, sounds and We will do this step for you without no price.

Super Free, but so easy.

Here are the steps to follow to get our super-free reskin service. Dont get worry, it is so simple.

  1. Make images and sounds ready

    After you bought this template, make your images, sounds ready.

  2. Place all reskin files in a folder

    One folder is enough for a whole project. But give names to files for make us understand, which goes where.

  3. Make it clear us to understand

    You must make us understand the whole idea. Bacause we have not so much time, make clear all the details. We cant reply all customers mails all the time, so that make everything simple, and understandable. For this, You can add a video, or even a simple README.TXT file. Give all the details there.

  4. Send us all files with e-mail

    After placing all files, final step is sending files. Go to our codecanyon profile, you will see a blank section for sending an e-mail. Send us an e-mail for reskin service, after receiving reply, send the folder via gmail, or any other mail service.

  5. Thats all!

    Thanks for submitting files. After we complete your request, you will receive an a-mail with your new template.

  6. Free reskin included only for these!

    Free reskin service included for only these templates. Click here to see full list. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do refunds work?

Open a refund request with us and we can work with you to resolve it. Dont worry, we usually give money back if there is a real-problem.

How about documentation?

Documentation is for all people. You must not be expert for editing. We included texts and videos. Watch and edit easily. And also included a detailed PDF file. You can read and edit source code easily.

Is there any discount?

Yes, sometimes. Follow us and get discount.

Can I reskin app easily?

Exactly yes. We included all files you need. We included all documentation and asset files for you. Edit them easily and publish it.

Can I publish app on Google Play?

If you have a google Play developer account, Yes. But if you dont have an account, no. (Because of Envato terms, to publish app, buy this app with extended license for detailed information, contact with us, or comment on item.)